This season saw Fränk Schleck, brother of Andy Schleck, announce his retirement from professional cycling, thus calling time on an impressive 16-year career.

His final race was at the Il Lombardia and ever since then, he has been adjusting to a new life away from the sport in retirement.

Speaking to Radsport News, the Tour de France podium finisher told the news outfit that he is yet to fully come to terms with the decision he has taken, as he still very much trains like a pro.

He also says he has this feeling of not been able to realize the enormity of his decision. He however believes that reality would set in when the training camps of teams open and the races begin.

The 30-year old also spoke to the news outfit of a few of his future plans, one of which includes remaining within the cycling sport.

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Cult Energy Manager Fired Within 2 Months

Leading Danish riding squad Cult Energy seems to have taken up a really strict approach with its administrative staffs. Much to the shock of the cycling world, the squad has reportedly fired manager Weyland (Christian) just within a couple of months of his appointment in the team.

The team has started their quest for new co-sponsor. While explaining Weyland’s dismissal from the team, a leading spokesman from Cult Energy revealed that it’s his continuous disappointments that led to his dismissal from the team.

“He just failed to live up to our expectations as one of our loyal partners & this is certainly the ideal option for the squad”, remarked Christa Skelde from Cult energy while sharing the news of Weyland’s dismissal just within two months.

Russel Downing has signed up for 2015 in place of dismissed Christian.

“As the squad owners, we’ve some obligations and values to follow to ensure the right dose of professionalism accompanied by sound stability & we won’t ever compromise our very integrity by running our tie-up with Weyland”, Christa continued.

“Once again, the team is showing is fantastic passion and support for this very project & they are in full support of our decision, economically & morally, till we get a co-sponsor.”

The leading Danish squad has invested well in its line-up ahead of upcoming 2015 edition, getting Russel Downing right from NFTO, along with the famous Germans Fabian Wegmann & Linus Gerdemann- plus the 6-time time trial champ Gustav Larsson, from Sweden.

With the quest for new sponsor going in full form, Cult Energy would extend further backing for keeping the team on run meanwhile.

Brian Sorensen, the owner of Cult said-“You cannot gauge the value our team has summed up in the last couple of years. At present we are right on top in Denmark.”

Cyclists tour across North America

More than hundred and twenty cyclists, who have raised US$ 1.8 million till now to battle global poverty by riding cycles throughout the United States and Canada, are all set to go through New York city later this week, ending their mission in Staten Island on on Saturday.

The 2013 Sea to Sea Bike Tour is a 9 week, 3900 mile bicycling tour throughout North America planned to raise funds and awareness in support of those staying in poverty across the world.

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The most prominent kind of cycling

Road cycling is a very common thing across countries worldwide. They are there for recreational purposes for all ages, there for bicycle tourism, road races and are even used by messenger boys in many urban cities. When talking about recreational purposes cycling helps many of old age to stay fit. Children introduced to cycling remain engrossed in the things they learn and the skill they execute. This even fosters a healthy completion among them which points them to a healthy and entertaining sport that is road racing.

Commuters also use cycles in many countries to commute from one place to the other. This has been beautifully implemented in China before the Beijing Olympics and has drastically reduced air pollution in their cities. Road racing or road bicycle racing is a sport which has been recognized by the Olympics since 1896, is held on paved roads for audiences to view along the path. There are single day races held, single day nocturnal races held and ultra marathons too. The race across America allows riders to cross around 300 miles in a week from the coast to coast. There are even the stage road cycle racing of which the tour de France is a great example. When dealing with racing bicycles efforts are made to create aerodynamic designs best fitted to fight air drag along the way. They are also created to get the best out of each rider in the road races.

There are also a lot of tactics used by the professionals when going for road bicycle racing, they prefer to remain in a drag free zone by carefully following the biker in front and managing curves along with proper braking to get the best out of each twist and turn. The terrain and the weather greatly matter in these races as different tactics are applied on each climb and descent of the terrain.