Down The Memory Lane With Sir Chris Hoy

Scottish cycling legend Sir Chris Hoy says that he is enjoying the rivalry against England as all the nations are preparing to go to Glasgow this summer for the Commonwealth Games. Sir Chris Hoy who retired in the last season has been an ardent follower of cycling and has also won the gold medal in Olympics six times.

He has trained and competed with many English riders and hopes that his nation will be able to give a tough competition to all. The Scot legend feels that winning wearing the Scotland jersey is something that is really personal. He says that it is very special to win with that dark blue jersey of Scotland that you are wearing and only a true Scottish will understand that feeling. Sir Chris Hoy won gold medals in the Commonwealth games in the year 2002 at Manchester and in 2006 at Melbourne.

The 37 year old said that this tournament is very unique for the British athletes. The main reason why it is unique is because the athletes get to compete once for their home nation in this competition. Looking back at those years it was time when the whole team that trained as Great Britain achieved so much success and it is surprising how just after three and half years they become your rival.

When Sir Chris Hoy won the Commonwealth gold medal in 2006, rather when he was starting the race for the final he had so many things going through his mind at that time- the winning medal, the bragging rights and most importantly the pride that was involved. And ultimately when he won he felt fantastic to beat the English team. Sir Chris Hoy has reportedly confirmed that he will be present for the 2014 Scottish Bike Show.

Wiggins Gains weight for upcoming World Championships

After a long phase of injury & illness Bradley Wiggins is hopeful about his scopes in the upcoming World Championships. As per the reports, the Brit Olympic champion is putting on weight to enhance his opportunities in the Florence World Championship 2013 scheduled to start from the coming month.

The 2012 Tour de France winner was passing through a bad phase for the past few months given his serious injury issues. The thirty-three year old champion rider was somewhat compelled to pull out his name from Giro d’Italia this May due to chest infection. Moreover his bad knee injury also barred him from defending his Tour de France title this year in July. It was Wiggins’ teammate Chris Froome who went to become the 2013 Tour de France winner.

However, Wiggins has shows a promising restart with his recent time trial victory at the Poland Tour. “Carrying extra pounds is tough but once one gets into time trial- & I won by one minute- it actually pays off”, stated Bradley Wiggins while speaking about his recent weight gain. Wiggins would be contending in soon to start 56.8 kilometer time trial race in Tuscany by the end of September this year.

Asked whether he is depressed on not being able to defend his title at Tour de France 2012, Wiggins seemed pretty sorted out. “Considering my situations, I feel that non-participation in the Tour was the most appropriate for me. I was down with injury issues & I needed to address those problems. I just could not keep burying head in sand. In fact, I would’ve hated to participate in the Tour & pull out, snatching the scope from someone else”, stressed Wiggins. He further emphasized that he has been training for the World Championships since Giro and is hopeful to gain 7-8 kilos more by the start of the elite Florence event.