Serious Crash forces Cavendish out from Tour France

It’s a sad time for Cavendish’s fans as their favorite rider won’t be able to continue in the most esteemed cycling race of the world this year. It’s a bad dislocated collarbone caused from a serious crash during the 1st stage of the race that has forced the English sprint sensation to stay at home for a while.

Mark himself was tensed about just 4 British riders participating in the Tour France 2014 that started in UK and now his tragic absence would surely be huge disappointment for him.

Added to the dislocated collarbone, the star rider has also sustained some serious ligament injuries from the high-pace crash. His crash not only hurt him but Australian rider Simon Gerrans that in turn prevented the latter from realizing his dram of yellow jersey at the 2nd stage of the tour.

The crash brought bruised ribs & several abrasions on the back of the Australian national champion. However, despite the limited mobility capacity, Simon managed to race on the 2nd stage.

Gerrans is naturally hugely discontent with the sting and his team (Orica GreenEDGE) manager Matt White is furious over no penalty for Mark even after he injured the star Aussie rider.

Whilst Simon continued with the race at 2nd stage, his camp asked the UCI race jury that why it didn’t recognize Cav’s fault, especially as the Brit rider admitted his responsibility several hours post the accident.
Cavendish was courteous enough to apologize to Simon.

“I was really happy that Mark apologized. It’s a nice gesture from him. It was his problem. Simon dis accept the apology”, remarked Matt White.

Although the Aussie rider accepted the apology yet he still feels that UCI must have taken a stern action against Mark.

Frank Schleck Ecstatic About Result

Team tactics were made to get a fresh Frank Schleck to the final 14km climb of the race. The plan was made so as to ensure his win in the overall Trek Factory Racing. Criterium International was to be the final stage. The team worked in perfect harmony so that the plan was worth it and went as smooth as possible. And it more or less paid off.

However, Mathias Frank happened to be the strongest rider on the day and though he won against Jean-Christophe Peraud to this win, in the end it was Peraud who managed to win overall. Schleck managed to come in fourth on top of being the sixth in the race overall.

Busche, Frank, Bob Jungels and Schleck comprised the leading group. With six kilometres to go, attacks were launched on the front group. Schleck did manage to get to the front but had to focus on the attacks as well. He needed to fight off Thiago Machado, Frank and Peruad. He tried to relentlessly attack them but eventually he got tired. He is happy despite being in the 5th position overall as he does not think it’s a very bad position.

Their tactics had been closed to perfect except for the three riders that could follow. Kim Andersen was happy thought the team had to miss out on the podium. He stated that he really wanted a stage win with Schleck however. He was satisfied with the performance.

The only sad part of the plan was that Frank couldn’t pull apart in the last kilometer of the race. Frank Schleck winning in sprints is not a very likely scenario. Despite all of them wanting to win, especially Frank Schleck, they were still ecstatic that their hard work paid off. Things eventually work out if one keeps trying and trying till the end.