Cult Energy Manager Fired Within 2 Months

Leading Danish riding squad Cult Energy seems to have taken up a really strict approach with its administrative staffs. Much to the shock of the cycling world, the squad has reportedly fired manager Weyland (Christian) just within a couple of months of his appointment in the team.

The team has started their quest for new co-sponsor. While explaining Weyland’s dismissal from the team, a leading spokesman from Cult Energy revealed that it’s his continuous disappointments that led to his dismissal from the team.

“He just failed to live up to our expectations as one of our loyal partners & this is certainly the ideal option for the squad”, remarked Christa Skelde from Cult energy while sharing the news of Weyland’s dismissal just within two months.

Russel Downing has signed up for 2015 in place of dismissed Christian.

“As the squad owners, we’ve some obligations and values to follow to ensure the right dose of professionalism accompanied by sound stability & we won’t ever compromise our very integrity by running our tie-up with Weyland”, Christa continued.

“Once again, the team is showing is fantastic passion and support for this very project & they are in full support of our decision, economically & morally, till we get a co-sponsor.”

The leading Danish squad has invested well in its line-up ahead of upcoming 2015 edition, getting Russel Downing right from NFTO, along with the famous Germans Fabian Wegmann & Linus Gerdemann- plus the 6-time time trial champ Gustav Larsson, from Sweden.

With the quest for new sponsor going in full form, Cult Energy would extend further backing for keeping the team on run meanwhile.

Brian Sorensen, the owner of Cult said-“You cannot gauge the value our team has summed up in the last couple of years. At present we are right on top in Denmark.”

Richmond Street Is Where The Action Of Cycling Takes Place

Training camp at the Richmond Street begins with a two day camp. The cyclists are all set to prepare for Road World Championship of 2015 which is going to be held before 11 months. The courses that are to be followed will be amongst 18 cyclists. On Thursday two schools will also be visited by the cyclists.

The design of the camp is made in such a way that the officials and cyclists get acquainted with each other. The course is also seen by them. All are gearing for the world championships. It is expected that almost half a million people are going to be there to witness the event and around 300 million people across the globe are going to view it on their screens. On the home soil the cyclist are going to compete against each other. Across the course the event is going to occur during noon time for two days and then Time Trial Circuit of both the Elite and Team version is going to be held.

The best place to witness the ride is going to be from Kings Dominion then to the courthouse of Hanover, entry to the Raceway of Richmond International and then to the Governor Street. The starting of the course from the site of Governor Street and Lee Bridge is what will be seen through. Two laps of the circuit of road has to be completed Maintenance programme of the cycling is also underway. Safety of bikes will also be practised. Public schools are also taking part in the competition of the cycling which will be underway. Many renowned athletes of cycling are taking part in the event. Time trial and other events are the main parts which are going to be included in the part of cycling event.