FIC & UCI On Row Over Astana

FIC & UIC are currently on clash over the latter’s tackling of Astana case. The row can lead to Nibali’s denial of Tour France title fight this year.

FIC chief Renato Rocco has raised this question lately that why UCI boss Brian Cookson did not bother to consult management committee prior to the withdrawal of Astana’s license through Licence Commission- on the ground of consistent doping scandals involving several Astana riders.

“In every mentioned cases including Women Cycling & Olympics, management committee was directly involved”, remarked the FIC boss. “However, that procedure wasn’t followed during withdrawal of Astana’s license by Licence Commission.”

“On 27th February this year, we received a PR that reported that UCI has asked for withdrawal of Astana’s World Tour license.”

However, Cookson has responded to FIC’s query stating that the withdrawal process was taken up with all necessary procedures.

“Every essential procedure was duly followed here as per the Constitution requirements”, stated Cookson’s letter.

“Throughout this urgent & important matter, I’ve taken advice from UCI legal body & ensured support from executive committee as well as management committee, where deemed appropriate.”

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