Sir Hoy’s New Exploit Is ‘Bike Skiing’

Chris Hoy known for his spectacular bike riding and amazing performances, is also known for his new adventures.

Recently, he switched cycling and moved to motor racing. Now, Hoy has got a new interest, and it is bike skiing. The rider is back on cycle again and can be seen riding his two wheels, but now with an attached ski.

Hoy is the champion of Olympic for six-time and now he is exploring more area in cycling. ‘Bike skiing’ is one among them. Hoy has launched a video, in which he can be seen riding on a bike across the thick snow with a ski. The ski is attached to the front wheel of the bike.

Well, this is not the first adventure of six-time Olympic champion. At the beginning of this year, Hoy announced that he has plans to ride across Antarctica and become the first person to do so. For that, Hoy has moved to the place and has started his training. It is being two weeks, he is there.

The clip that rider has shared on Sunday on Twitter from Iceland, Sir Hoy could be seen on a fat bike and riding it. It is an off-road bicycle with tyres that are oversized and a green ski clipped attached to his first wheel on to the bottom.

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This season saw Fränk Schleck, brother of Andy Schleck, announce his retirement from professional cycling, thus calling time on an impressive 16-year career.

His final race was at the Il Lombardia and ever since then, he has been adjusting to a new life away from the sport in retirement.

Speaking to Radsport News, the Tour de France podium finisher told the news outfit that he is yet to fully come to terms with the decision he has taken, as he still very much trains like a pro.

He also says he has this feeling of not been able to realize the enormity of his decision. He however believes that reality would set in when the training camps of teams open and the races begin.

The 30-year old also spoke to the news outfit of a few of his future plans, one of which includes remaining within the cycling sport.

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The management of the UCl has confirmed the status of the Androni Giocattoli team as they secured a Professional Continental status for 2017.

Meanwhile the fate of Giuseppe Saronni’s TJ Sport team remains unknown, after the proposed sponsorship from China failed to materialize.

The UCl has earlier in November, awarded 20 Pro Continental licenses and 17 World Tour licenses. Stating that the position of the Polish Verva Activejet team, and TJ Sport team, were still under evaluation.

With the start of the 2017 season only a few weeks away, the Tj Sport team may be in a desperate situation as they are yet to be confirmed by the UCl.

It is unclear if Activejet team will secure Professional Continental status before next year, or if the team will settle for the lower-level continental status. On the other hand, Androni Giocattoli team can now heave a sigh of relief following their confirmation. The full list of confirmed continental teams for 2017 has not yet being released by the UCl..

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FIC & UCI On Row Over Astana

FIC & UIC are currently on clash over the latter’s tackling of Astana case. The row can lead to Nibali’s denial of Tour France title fight this year.

FIC chief Renato Rocco has raised this question lately that why UCI boss Brian Cookson did not bother to consult management committee prior to the withdrawal of Astana’s license through Licence Commission- on the ground of consistent doping scandals involving several Astana riders.

“In every mentioned cases including Women Cycling & Olympics, management committee was directly involved”, remarked the FIC boss. “However, that procedure wasn’t followed during withdrawal of Astana’s license by Licence Commission.”

“On 27th February this year, we received a PR that reported that UCI has asked for withdrawal of Astana’s World Tour license.”

However, Cookson has responded to FIC’s query stating that the withdrawal process was taken up with all necessary procedures.

“Every essential procedure was duly followed here as per the Constitution requirements”, stated Cookson’s letter.

“Throughout this urgent & important matter, I’ve taken advice from UCI legal body & ensured support from executive committee as well as management committee, where deemed appropriate.”

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